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A Fairy Tale Wedding

I was not your typical high school student. I got excellent grades, and got accepted into the best schools in the country. I was and still continue to be a very social person. I was part of half a dozen clubs, several of which I held office, and was on the varsity volleyball team. These achievements were not what made me atypical, rather it was my strong convictions about abstinence. It was not common for a high school student of such popularity; to take such a firm stands on sex. My friends could not understand why I wanted to wait until marriage in order to have sex. Knowing that marriage was more than 10 years away, my friends thought I was crazy. I even gave up going to the school of my dreams in order for me to be around my close friends, (who also had the same beliefs), because I could not trust myself. They would tell me: "You are throwing your future away!" 

Having a boyfriend now and being a college student makes it 10 times harder to remain abstinence. It helps that we both strongly believe in sex after and only after marriage, even if we don't end up together. The biggest difference between high school and college when it comes to sex is that if teens were having sex in high school they kept it secret for the most part. Most teens are under the supervision of their parents and getting caught is not something they could risk. This is very different from college because in college they throw sex at you, flaunting it as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread, or a pass into the "cool crowd". It takes a strong person to discern that sex before marriage is not this greatest achievement, it's not success, or as valuable as a college campus or the media would have you believe. 

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From first hand conversations I have been able to see how much sex before marriage has hurt people, emotionally and physically. I've seen brilliant students having to put an indefinite hold on their education just because they couldn't say "no" to moments of pleasure that quickly turned into a nightmare that would last them for the rest of their lives. I've seen super talented teens having to settle for mediocrity because the very thing they thought would make them happy made them bitterly miserable.
I have so many dreams. But more than anything, I dream of true happiness. That is very complicated to achieve, because people don't have quick formulas for happiness. The one thing I do know is that sex before marriage is not the way to achieve it. I have been characterized as a determined "go getter". I have dreams of having my dream career, of one day owning my own house and of living the true American dream. That dream is after all why my parents came to the U.S., and I am confident I will make them proud of me. I dream of one day being a corporate executive. 

I also dream of a fairy tale wedding. I dream of wedding in which I can very well deserved to wear a beautiful white dress as I walk down the aisle. And so, who said you couldn't believe in Fairy Tales? Watch me, because although I am working hard now, I'm going to be living one!!! 
Approximately 20% of sexually active teens acquire a new STD every year.
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