Uh huh. Sure. Listen, you obviously didn't study people in my neighborhood. Every marriage I see is a total train wreck. All my friends' parents are divorced, or were never married, and if my parents are having great sex, they must be hiding it, 'cause they don't even talk to each other.

So what exactly am I waiting for?

Yeah, you have a point. If you've never seen a strong marriage, it might be hard to have any kind of a North Star for this relationship. But ask yourself a couple of questions: Do you know any marriages where the couple waited to have sex until after the wedding? It's not a guarantee of a great marriage, but it is a strong and trusting foundation to build on. And have you ever thought about how much time a couple would have to work on their friendship, their goals and dreams, and any potential problems if they weren't having sex before getting married? That's a lot of spare time! If you need some inspiration, click onYou Heard It Here and listen to testimonials from some married couples who did wait. Don't let what you see around you influence you; blaze a new trail. Don't look around, look up; there is a North Star for this most important of relationships.

Kids who start drinking at a young age are more likely to take other risks as well.